A Special Presentation From Hahn's 50th AP K-9, West Germany


...in the beginning!

Ancient Egyptian wall writings, thought by some to date back 4,000 B.C. depicts savage dogs strainning on leashes held in the hands of Egyptian warriors and leaping on their enemy.

In Iraq, old Assyrian's temple walls show bas reliefs of huge mastiff battle dogs, wearing spiked iron collars, to create fear among their enemies.

The Legions of Rome, used both giant Mastiffs, & Molossian hounds, while civilizing the western world, according to their scribes.

Attila the Hun used a drove of large dogs to stand as sentries around his camps, so as not to be surprised by his enemies.

And Pliny the Elder, wrote of squadrons of fierce dogs, that fought in the ranks beside the Colophonians, of Asia Minor, against their Ionian enemies. After the battle was over, they were harnessed to carts, hauling treasure back home.

Attack dogs...sentries...draught dogs...even messenger dogs are all ancient history, both Aeneas & Homer mention such a animal, equipped with a special collar for carrying dispatches.

Come with us now on a journey through time, where "history has a way of repeating itself."

A Mosaic From Ancient Pompei.
"Cave Canem," translated means
Beware the Dog!

Wall Relief of Assyrian Mastiffs
and handlers with hunting nets!
(approx 1200 B.C.)

Fragment of a Egyptain Vase showing
Warriors and their Dog during the hunt.
(approx 700 B.C.)

Greek vase painting of War Dogs,
Hercules in the capture of Cerberus.
(approx. 500 B.C.)

Wood block print of the Celts in Gaul,
with "barbarian" Mastiff War Dog.
(approx. 86 B.C.)

Relief from The Necropolis Of Gela,
showing a war dog during a battle.
(approx. 500 B.C.)

Wood block print of a Greek Mastiff,
"The Celebrated Dog of Marathon"
(approx 500 B.C.)


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